Twenty-first Century Dating Problems 

The dating scene has evolved tremendously. Men and women from different works of life have embraced dating as a way of getting to know a potential significant other, opportunity to eat free food… I’m guilty and sometimes, if not all the time, a waste of time. So then why go on a date?Friendships, relationships and situationships are formed through constant communication or lack thereof. From surprise “I was just thinking of you” phone calls to texting at odd hours to stalking on social media, just name it. Who knew flying into DMs on Twitter could land one a boo? Or liking and commenting on ones Instagram post could get you past 2nd base. Yeah! You should try that. Be suave and smart about it.  It could get you blocked though*laughing*

There are different levels of dating. Some guys go out of their way to make a date special and memorable and if it works out may lead to a couple or more dates, sometimes a teary eyed walk down the aisle. Meanwhile others won’t mind hooking up at a nearby restaurant or eatery, ‘Netflix and Chill’ or the regular “let’s go see a movie” type of dates, all is dating.

The idea behind dating is meeting a stranger (or maybe a friend) at a familiar location, spending quality time in a bid to get to know him or her at a face-to-face level, no holds barred. But nowadays it’s a whole different ball game.

If I were to ask you why you go on dates what would be your response? Because you like him/her and think there’s a chance at love? Maybe. Because you have nothing to do during the weekends so you won’t mind seeing a movie or two, besides you don’t have to pay, he/she will, I’m game! Or is it the possibility of mind blowing sex on a first date? Come on! That’s a no-no! You’re not even sure you like him! 

As with everything in life, there are problems encountered along the way. Dating has its pecks but what happens when the following questions become an issue – Who gets to pay for the date? Should a girl/guy bring friends along on a date? To do what exactly? Kill my vibe? Be a stumbling block to my happiness? Is splitting a bill a must? I like the idea of washing plates, very romantic! Does a guy paying on a date determine the size of his pocket a.k.a bank account? Don’t be fooled! And what happens when your date doesn’t look anything like his/her profile picture? Catfish? I’d like to know what you think.

For me, I’m def not splitting the bill on a date. Dude you asked me out on a date, you pay! Ladies you agree with me don’t you? Hi5! 

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